Meet a new exciting VR game for family and friends to play with your Oculus  
  What if you could take your dog for a ride over the town without leaving the house? All you need for that is your Oculus  headset (and not a driver’s licence). Petdrivr is a new safe VR game made for family, friends and pets have fun together. Now we’ll tell you how to play and joy. The first step is to select a dog to join you on this dog-astic ride. It must be such a new exciting experience to drive a car over the town with virtual reality. You can share it with another person by playing the co-op mode, and each phase having a chance to choose which dog will be joining the ride. This new experience includes controlling the steering wheel and pressing buttons in order to accelerate and break, if necessary. Your dog will be right by your side. But pay attention: if you’re too fast, your buddy will complain. And the more you get snacks by the streets, the happier your best friend will be. It’s a full interaction between the city and a pet without leaving the house. Using your Oculus, you will drive from one side to another while collecting delicious snacks to your co-pilot. But the challenge is not finished. There is also a hidden surprise for him somewhere… If you find it, you won’t only get a bigger score, but your partner will be even satisfied – also your mission completed. If you are playing by yourself, the secret toy will be marked on the GPS, then you and your new buddy can find it. If you are on co-op mode, then it won’t be seen in your Oculus, but only on a screen, so that in order to reach the toy you will need to be guided by the other player. By reaching the next phase, you’ll can switch positions. It’s a full cooperation experience to share. So, if you love pets and enjoy having a chilling and funny experience with friends and family at home, PetDrivr was made for you. It’s such an easy learning game that everyone can play and cooperate. Furthermore, you have no enemies around, allowing you to walk around the city in a completely safe VR world. All you need is your Oculus. We’re happy to announce that PetDrivr is about to launch. The virtual reality game is already on beta phase – and our team are making sure to include special details for a better shared experience with your loved ones (humans and dogs). This blog will be updated with new information about PetDrivr gameplay, release dates and more. Join us on this adventure, available soon on Oculus Store and Steam. Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to more doggy content.